Weddings & funerals in ACT, NSW and QLD

A special goodbye

An acknowledgement of passing, a celebration of a cherished life and a chance to mourn and heal together.

Funeral and memorial services are a celebration of someone who has played a significant role in your life. It’s a time where we can grieve, reflect and lean on each other for support and healing - an important memory you will always carry with you.

I will tailor the funeral service to be exactly what you and your family want it to be. It should reflect the personal style of your loved one who has passed, allowing you to cry, laugh, dance, sing, talk or reminisce - whatever is the best way to recognise the person who has passed.


what is the process for booking me as your funeral celebrant?

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Arranging a funeral can be a very daunting, anxious and stressful time.

I will make every effort to ensure the farewell of your loved one is a dignified and personal celebration of their life.

The steps to take in preparing for a funeral…

  1. After the passing of your loved one you will first need to settle on a funeral director and make contact with them to assist you in taking care of the practical aspects of the funeral.

  2. Once you have engaged a funeral director, you should turn your mind to making arrangements for the funeral service.

  3. You can choose whoever you prefer or feel comfortable with to conduct the funeral. You can contact and book me as your funeral celebrant directly, or via the funeral home.

  4. Make contact with me via this contact form and I will make a time to call or email you, whatever your preference. I will ask you about your loved one who has passed away, your desired funeral date, the preferred funeral location and arrange a time to meet with you and/or your family.

  5. At our meeting, I will want to learn more about the life of your deceased loved one; what was special about them, invite you to share stories, special memories and favourite things about them so that I can write a personalised and unique funeral service, honouring and celebrating their life.

  6. At the meeting, if you wish to proceed with me as your funeral celebrant, you will need to complete a booking form and I will go through the payment process, with payment needing to be settled prior to the funeral service.

  7. I will provide a draft of the funeral service for you to read through prior to the funeral.

  8. On the day of the funeral I will arrive well in advance of the funeral to ensure everything is in order and to introduce myself to the funeral director to confirm final arrangements.

The final farewell of a loved one is a significant and necessary part of life.

I would be honoured to work with and support you and your family to ensure that this important celebration of your loved one’s life is handled in the most dignified way and carried out in accordance with the wishes of your loved one and the family and friends left behind.

I respectfully invite you to consider me as your funeral celebrant in your time of need.